Products Overview

Sunrise RV has been converting trailers and building Medical Treatment Centers, Mobile Office and Air Monitoring units for almost ten years now, and our first units are still in active service!
Our first customers are still with us, and the quality and performance of our units is tops in the industry .


We can build any of our units as a truck mounted slide-in unit, or as a skid-mounted flat deck unit. We've since stopped making these custom units, but here's a little information on just how good our techs are. 


CMVSS Compliant

Our MTC's are fully compliant with all relevant Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS), click here for more info and here for our statement of compliance.


With hardwall  construction, fully insulated to R 7.5 or better, an integrated steel roll cage, shoreline power, dual heaters (12V DC and 110V AC), running water, O2 tank holders, SCBA-pack storage bays, large cab-over storage and much more as standard, our MTC's come better equipped than most, and there are many more options available.


In this video, you will see our MTC-80-TC subjected to a roof load of more than 12.000 pounds or 5.500 kilograms, this test conforms to CMVSS 220 and AMD001 (Structural Rollover test) and is designed to assure your safety in case of a rollover.


All our units have in-built rugged performance, field proven to withstand the demands of oilfield and other industrial environments for many years.


Our Air quality Monitoring Units (AMU's) and Office Units are a different thing altogether, they have uninterruptable power sources, integrated hookups for analytical instruments, power supply options including generator and shoreline power, and a lot more creature comforts such as stereo, microwave, fridge Etc. 


Just like the MTC's, AMU's and Office Units can be built as a drop-in type unit or as a flat-bed mounted unit.


Many of our customers need a design flexibility that they can not get from other manufacturers; whereas we design and build a unit to your specifications. A lot of our customers cone to us through 'Word of mouth', so we must be doing things right.


Flexibility and Custom work.
Our strength is our design flexibility; yours won't be another standard box off the line, it'll be built just for you, to your specifications. You decide what you want, and we build your requirements right into the unit, so that it fits the job you need it to do.


How long is that going to take, and how much more is it going to cost?
Delivery times can be as little as a month from the day you walk in our door, and the price will be a pleasant surprise. Wether you need one or a bunch, something to take hunting, a special office unit or a tough specialist 'box' for the field, talk to us now, and it'll be there when you need it, it'll be what you want, and it'll have a competitive price tag!


We are proud of what we build, and so are our customers, and they're happy to confirm that too! We have had a good number of units in the field now, for nearly 10 years, and not one has returned for any warranty work, our first customer is still with us. The units leave the workshop ready for the job they're made to do, no unpleasant surprises!

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